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What is WERD ?

WERD is a phonetic transliterator that helps users write english text but read the same in the chosen Devanagari (Indic) font.

Why WERD ?

There are many indians spread around the world and within India who send each other email and chat messages in indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Bengali. However there are 2 issues :

And that is exactly where this tool fits. It lets a user type using the english keyboard, and phonetically transliterates it for the appropriate Indic-Devanagari font, so that he can read in the Indian language of his choice. The prime motivation behind this project is to make the life of end-users with these needs easy.

Note 1 While only the Hindi and Marathi (and Sanskrit, of course) languages normally employ the Indic script Devanagari, potentially every Indian language can be written using Devanagari.

Note 2 WERD can be enhanced to support regional Indic scripts like Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati and all others. Enthusiasts for the respective language are urged to join this project on SourceForge, and contribute.



Future Enhancements

To Begin With ...

Before you start using WERD, these are the things you need to know and do.